Master Chef Matty

We recently lost our barista, roaster and more importantly great friend and colleague at Little Cove Coffee to Masterchef Australia.

However Matt Sinclair, has been cooking up a storm on the new series Masterchef 2016.

Having ‘passion and love for what you do’ is important to us here at Little Cove Coffee. Our baristas and roasters know the importance that love of coffee is paramount. That each cup of coffee must be ‘perfection’.

Check out Matt from the links, and you will see that the same passion he showed at Little Cove Coffee he shows on Masterchef. All the Noosa locals are cheering Matt on… and he is the part of the everyday café chat.

We’re still waiting for him to pull out his bag of Little Cove Coffee, that he took down with him, and cook with it on the show 😉

Surfing The Menu

We have had the privilege to of getting to know an amazing young, Chef Dan Churchill. Recentley we met him out in the surf with fellow food lover and chef, Hayden Quinn.

The boys, were in the middle of their “Surfing the Menu- Next Generation” tour and after a chat and a few waves, we invited the boys back to our roastery for coffee.

Dan loves coffee! So Justin decided to take him through the “art of roasting” and then pouring the perfect cup.

You can see the whole process with the boys on ABC1, Sunday May 22nd at 6pm on Surfing the Menu-Next Generation.