Little Cove Coffee

Wake up to the perfect espresso at home..
I'll teach you how!

Benefits of learning the perfect extraction techniques

Benefit 1

Learn how to make the sweetest coffee in the morning with your home expresso machine to get your day started right.

Benefit 2

By knowing more about DOSE, BREW TIME and YIELD you will put a smile on your partner’s face with the perfectly extracted coffee.

Benefit 3

Get the most out of your coffee beans while extracting the perfect taste profile.

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Little Cove Ladies

A Little About Michelle

In my former life, I was a teacher… but things have changed.

Coffee gripped me by the soul as well as my tastebuds and what started as a love, grew into an obsession and finally a new lease on life.

Little Cove Coffee is named after a local surfing reserve, that produces waves of perfection, as our coffee here is roasted to perfection.

We use only top quality Arabica beans, and our highly passionate crew serve amazing coffee from the green bean to the cup, at this Noosa Roastery.